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We analyze your Call Detail Records to determine to your company’s carrier spending habits. Our system then produces reports to identify how much you are spending with what providers and at what margins. Once we analyze the information from the reports, we provide recommendations on how you can modify your routing and carrier agreements to improve your margins and ultimately make more money.

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CDR Analysis

Information Provided in Every Report

Our system helps you spot inefficient configurations in your routing setup.
Carrier Information
  • Minutes by Carrier
  • ACD by Carrier
  • Average Buy Rate by Carrier
  • Average Sell Rate by Carrier
  • Profit Margin by Carrier
  • Profit by Carrier
  • Spend by Carrier
  • Short Duration by Carrier
  • Losing Routes by Carrier
Customer Information
  • Minutes by Customer
  • ACD by Customer
  • Average Buy Rate by Customer
  • Average Sell Rate by Customer
  • Profit Margin by Customer
  • Profit by Customer
  • Spend by Customer
  • Short Duration by Customer
  • Losing Routes by Customer

How it Works

Step 1 Upload CDR
Step 1.

Upload your CDR with our secure tool (no confidential information is required).

Step 2 CDR Analysis
Step 2.

Our system performs a deep analysis of your CDR and begins to build your suite of reports.

Step 3 Recieve Reports
Step 3.

You receive your completed reports along with our recommendations.

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  • Free service with zero obligation
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